The internet is full of evidence that content marketing works—and it works well. But if you’re struggling to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) for your own content marketing strategy, you’re not alone. According to studies done by the Content Marketing Institute, while a majority of businesses use content marketing to expand their reach, 62% aren’t sure how to measure the ROI of their campaigns. 

One of the biggest reasons marketers and businesses struggle to demonstrate ROI is that content marketing is a long term strategy. While paid advertising almost immediately demonstrates traffic and conversions, other forms of content require some creativity in order to accurately measure results. We’re here to help you get creative! This article will unpack the five metrics we use to measure content marketing ROI for businesses just like yours.

Branding and web redesign is a significant part of what we do at Hanna Landis Designs. For over ten years, we’ve been helping other businesses develop their brand concepts and revitalize their digital presence with purposeful, cutting-edge design.

After so many years, it was time for us to turn our creative attention toward our own brand and web design. Utilizing our design and digital expertise, we went to work exploring, experimenting, and eventually recreating the brand that you see today.

One of our favorite things to do, apart from web design and branding, is to impart our knowledge to help encourage and teach you as you embark on your own business journey. For that reason, we are taking you behind the scenes of our rebrand and website redesign. Here’s how, and why, we went from HLD Studio to Hanna Landis Designs.


Keeping Up with Changing Trends

The digital world is constantly changing. Google regularly updates its search algorithm and as new technology enters the scene, users change their online behaviors and expectations.

Because of this, it is important to perform regular audits on your web presence and determine how your audience is using your website, and where your content, design, or brand are falling short.

Our own personal audit revealed the need for a fresh look and feel, cleaner design, new colors, and even an adjustment to our on-screen name and logo. These choices weren’t random, but rather, came from forethought, research, and deliberation; the same qualities we put toward our clients’ projects.

As we worked our way through rebranding, redesigning, and exploring solutions for optimization, we decided to focus on four key areas of our digital presence: color, user experience, content, and brand name and logo.


Utilizing Color

Deciding on the color for your brand and website is about much more than just appealing to the masses. Color impacts how your audience perceives your brand, and even their willingness to click a button or make a purchase.

For Hanna Landis Designs, our previous colors were great ten years ago but no longer expressed the essence of who we are as a company.

After some exploration and mood board inspiration, we landed on a bold color palette that conveys our fun, creative, and adventurous approach to design and digital solutions.

Our new colors are reflected beyond our website and are utilized in everything we do: social media, branded content, free giveaways, newsletters, and more. If it’s coming from Hanna Landis Designs, it will, in some way, incorporate our color palette.


Updating User Experience

UX design is an intricate process that requires stepping away from what we think will work, and putting ourselves into the shoes of our audience.

Part of our user experience update involved looking at our banners, buttons, and CTAs. While this part of our redesign goes hand-in-hand with our content changes, we’ll first focus on the design experience.

Clearer CTAs, bolder buttons, and cleaner layout was our focus for each page on the website. The simplicity of flow from one section to the other allows users to find the information they are looking for, and easily book an appointment or submit a contact request—our key source of leads for the business.

We also used graphics and clean delineation between sections of content, using bold headers and white space to encourage the user’s eye to follow the path we want them to take.

Without a clear flow from landing page to key information to contact, we would lose our audience before they completed their “sales” journey. This is a common issue for business websites. By viewing your website through the eyes of your target audience—and by asking for outside input from others—it is much easier to see the buyer’s journey. Once you understand what your audience needs, you can easily implement a clear design that gets them there.

Refreshing the Content

Content is a significant part of the web design process. Website copy is no longer just some words on a page—copywriters now must understand the intricacies of UX copy (User Experience), UI copy (User Interface), and general web copy.

In order to update the copy for our CTAs, banners, headers, and more, we dug into our analytics and did some keyword research to understand what words we needed in order to clearly explain who we are, what we do, and how to find us.

These keywords also impacted our optimization process as we determined how to better implement local and on-page SEO.

Because of the content’s impact on SEO, updating and experimenting with words is something we do continually as we seek to grow and expand as a business.

A New Logo with An Old Twist

A large part of revitalizing our website came down to our brand. We’ve always, in some way, implemented the name/initials of our founder, Hanna Landis, and we will continue to do business as HLDesign Studio, LLC. As part of our goal to optimize our digital presence, we uncovered the optimal performance of Hanna Landis Designs, over our previous brand, and after much consideration, decided to add this new name as a DBA to our business.

Hanna Landis Designs became the foundation for our new logo, which implements the initials of our founder, HL, and our new bold color palette. This decision to update both logo and name goes beyond search performance, however. In our audit, we contemplated the values of our business—what we stand for, what we are trying to achieve, and the tools and qualities we will use to get there.

In our rebrand, our goal was to capture every value we hold dear: commitment to excellence, creative process, innovation, research, clarity of purpose, and consistency. The clean simplicity of our logo brings our brand into a new decade while maintaining the essence of who we are and what we do for our clients.

We are Hanna Landis Designs

We’re so excited to be sharing our new look, feel, and brand with our audience and the world at large. As we continue to expand, we aim to support our clients’ brands with the same care and creativity that we put into our own. From logo design and web development to web maintenance and content support, we bring cohesion and clarity to your digital presence. Book a free consultation to see how our team can help maximize, enhance, or revitalize your brand.