DIY branding and logo design are on the rise, thanks to a plethora of fun, new digital tools, and affordable platforms. And we get it. We love the capabilities and ease of use of Canva and PicMonkey—especially for quick, on-the-go graphic design. There are many apps and programs that make design accessible and seemingly simple. 

When it comes to building a brand and logo that will advance your business, however, these digital tools can fall considerably short of the mark. Ineffective branding affects everything from lead generation to overall influence in your market and with your audience. 

Professional graphic designers provide the expertise to help you alleviate logo mishaps and build a brand that lasts. While we love DIY as much as the next person, when it comes time to build your brand, there is more than one reason to work with a professional graphic designer.  


Eliminate Stress

If you’ve ever decided to go it alone on your home renovation projects, then you can probably relate to the stress that comes with learning a new skill and trying to achieve a professional outcome. Graphic design is no different.

Professional tools like Photoshop and Illustrator have a sharp learning curve, not to mention developing a keen sense of how to use color, shape, and technique in logo design. These skills take time to learn, and the best teacher is experience. 

Choosing to hire an experienced graphic designer eliminates the stress that comes with trying to do it all yourself. Just like hiring a contractor for your home, working with a graphic designer gives you peace of mind that the project will be done right, giving you the professional outcome you desire.


Save Time 

Another byproduct of DIY is the amount of time it takes to learn, explore, and eventually land on a logo you (kind of) love. New endeavors take time but delaying your brand in order to get it “just right” can be detrimental to your business timeline, launch, or rebranding. 

Instead of delaying your brand, you can get your business growing faster, now, by working with a professional graphic designer. While you focus on running your business, a graphic designer can create the key assets for your brand in far less time than it would take you or a member of your team. You can get to work building relationships with your clients and still get the branded marketing materials you need to move forward. 

Save Money in the Long Term

The upfront cost of working with a graphic designer is often what tempts people to choose the DIY option. Hindsight is 20/20, however, and our experience helping companies rebrand has given us (and them) plenty of hindsight.

Branding created on low-cost platforms may work at the moment, but many businesses encounter long term problems. For example, as the business grows and changes, the logo lacks the versatility to adjust with the times.

When large-scale marketing opportunities arise, graphics that were generated in low-quality formats have to be recreated in order to print at high resolutions. 

Companies that created a DIY logo are often missing the other complementary visuals (assets) that help make a complete branding kit to use across their marketing platforms. This limits creativity and flexibility in marketing campaigns. 

All of these examples result in continual upgrades to branding, costing more money in the long run than the original upfront cost of hiring a graphic designer. Instead of scrambling every time you need quality graphics, a professional graphic designer can provide you with a variety of visuals that will serve your company for years to come. 

Reach Your Audience

There is much more to graphic design than simply creating visuals. Designers—especially those with expertise in branding and brand continuity—understand the qualities that make your audience unique. And they know how to use that to your advantage.

By knowing your audience, a professional graphic designer can utilize color, shape, and other design techniques to develop a logo and assets that are both relatable and memorable. Without these two elements, your brand will struggle to stand out alongside similar businesses that are competing for the same audience.

Too often businesses choose to use logo creation templates that leave their brands looking like replicas of other brands. 

Maintain Brand Continuity

An effective brand strategy starts with consistency. Your company’s goals, values, and mission are all reflected in the visual elements of your brand. These elements, shared across every platform or marketing avenue, should tell a consistent story to your customers. When logo and branding assets don’t align, however, the message you share with your audience becomes confused.

This is where the branding kit provided by a professional graphic designer saves the day. Brand continuity means having a logo and visual assets that can be used in a variety of contexts. A black and white logo for marketing material that utilizes different background colors, a full-color design for your website, options that are optimized for social media or printing.

There is a litany of different scenarios that require your company name, logo, and colors to be accessible in various formats, shapes, and sizes. With a professional graphic designer, you receive the assets you need in one complete kit. As your company expands and branding trends change, your high-quality assets can be easily adjusted without starting the branding process over again.


Get Professional Graphic Design for Your Business

Hanna Landis Designs offers logo design, branding and marketing materials, and even social media assets to give your business the professional look it deserves. Build your audience, influence, and brand message with quality visuals that tell your story and attract your customers. Contact us today for a free graphic design consultation.