We love working on web development projects. Each project we take on involves several parts and processes, but one of the most commonly overlooked parts of our job is the design aspect! Some web development agencies have separate departments that oversee design projects and programming. However, as a growing small business ourselves, we do not have departments (yet!). So, when you hire us to build a website from scratch, we take care of both the design and the building of the site!

Designing is a significant part of the services we offer. Aside from designing stunning websites, we also specialize in logo designing and complete branding for businesses! Designing is a passion for us, not a job. Being able to represent someone’s business in one design element correctly brings us joy.

Every design project is different; the uniqueness of each project ignites our energy and challenges our creativity. We know that great designs are crucial to the quality and fruitfulness of a website. When we are designing for our clients, we go the extra mile to deliver exceptional designs that accurately tell our client’s story.

Since the design world is ever-evolving, we always ensure that we are up to date on the latest trends and progressions in the industry. We do this by regularly checking out what other professionals are using, exploring the changes in market demand, and finding out other brands passion. We love keeping our clients updated on the latest trends, so today we’re sharing some of our favorite new design styles in the market.


The trending design styles in today’s business world include: 




Monogramming is the use of one’s name to create an entire brand for the market. Business owners are now starting to use their name and initials to craft their logo. By using your name or brand name, you take complete ownership of your business and your branding. 

Monogramming is simple, but it does not mean that it needs to be boring! There are so many different fonts, colors, and themes that can be used to elevate your logo above the rest. Monograms can be used to create classic, influential, and creative logos that will leave lasting impressions on your clients. We love Monograms, and we know it will trend for a long time.



Minimalism is the creation of designs that expresses only the most vital features by getting rid of the excesses or unnecessary parts. Minimalism is a complete pendulum swing from the era of ornate designs that are made up of flowery elements and over-the-top components. By keeping the design clean, brands can communicate their most important points clearly and effectively. Minimalism is continually gaining more ground in the design world. 

Graphic designers now feature a lot of simple elements instead of trying to cram as many loops and curves as possible into one logo or site. There is also a rise in geometric and monochromatic designs. Brands and consumers are falling in love with the clarity and elegance that comes with simplicity. Building brand logos around basic shapes and lines is a remarkable trend, and we love it!


Pastels and Earthy Colors

Although bright colors that demand attention are still prevalent and incredibly useful in the design world, the surge in the use of pastel colors and neutral tones cannot be. Both bright and earthy colors are beautiful; they also carry different themes and weight with them.

For example, Pastel colors like Petal Pink and Sky Blue denote a more tranquil vibe, and they are relaxed, calming, and more comfortable for the eyes. Earth tones like Rusty Orange, browns, and Forest Green are grounding colors that bring more natural, hearty feelings to a logo or design. It’s incredible how different colors in a brands’ logo or website can communicate completely different messages.

As more brands look for a “down-to-earth” positive reputation, branding will continue to use pastel and earthy colors that make consumers comfortable and relaxed!


Video Incorporation

This trend is specific to website designing and is becoming more and more common, so we think it’s also worth mentioning! For a long time, photos have been an incredibly important part of creating websites, but now we are moving into a new era of video everything. 

As video quality and quantity increases, you can expect more designers to incorporate videos into the websites they build. Studies show that using video to market a brand can increase its revenue by up to 49%. That means more businesses are creating and using videos to promote themselves, especially on their websites. If you keep a watchful eye, you’ll see videos pop up more and more!

To wrap it up…

Designing is one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of our job. Since it is so subjective, it can be hard not to get too caught up in every little detail. As we move into the next era of design, you can expect these trends to become more apparent and common. We love our jobs, we love designing, and we love these trends.

Do you have any patterns you’d like to share with us or a trend you have fallen in love with, and you want to share with others? Please, let us know!

Furthermore, if you have a design project, whether it’s creating a logo, working on branding, or developing a site, we would love to hear from you too! Drop us a line for a FREE consultation!